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Tulaloo: A Paper Goddess!

From the moment Jessica from Tulaloo was recommend to us, we fell in love!  Her ability to be creative is priceless.  Her work has been featured on NBC CT twice and she has been in Style Me Pretty along with WellWed. We decided that since she is one of our newest members, we should find out a little bit more about her.  

Where did you get the name Tulaloo?
I wanted a business name that was relevant to stationery design but also personal to me. Tulaloo is a combination of "Chartula" (a Latin word meaning "little pieces of paper"), and "Loo" - an old nickname.
What is your favorite style of wedding invite?
I love mixing classic design with unexpected details. A traditional invitation suite in ivory and black with a bright pink envelope liner, a romantic invitation with soft florals, paired with geometric patterns and bold solids on the enclosure cards...there are so many ways to inject fun and personal style into your wedding stationery without taking away from the formality of the event.

What is one thing you wish couples understood the importance of when picking invitations?
The invitation really does set the tone for the wedding day. It is guests' very first glimpse of the wedding and couples should choose an invitation that reflects the level of formality and overall style of the ceremony and reception they are planning. A thoughtfully designed invitation will not only inform guests where to be and when, but will also show them what type of celebration to expect. Couples have so many options when planning their weddings now! Elegant and black tie, rustic farmyard, glamorous art deco, earthy and beachside....By choosing an appropriate invitation for your wedding, your guests won't be left wondering how to dress or whether to expect champagne and strawberries or sliders and beer!
Your favorite invite?
This is like trying to choose a favorite child! So much love and care goes in to each wedding we design - they're all like my babies! Recently, I have been very fond of our Rio design in Tulaloo's ready-made Wedding Collection. The confetti is very fun, and it is such a versatile design! Just by switching up colors and fonts, Rio can go from black-tie reception to retro cocktail party.  
What is your favorite part of any wedding? 
Candace Jeffery Photography
I really enjoy customizing wedding stationery to suit a couple's individual style. Whether we're tailoring a design from our ready-made Wedding Collection or creating something brand new just for them through our Custom Design Service, it is always such a joy when we get it just right and the couple exclaims "It is perfect! That is so 'US'!" For most people, a wedding is the largest celebration they will ever host and a great opportunity to show their guests a great time while putting their personal spin on the event.

Your least favorite part of a wedding?
Again, a wedding is, for most people, the single largest event they will ever host. There can be a lot of pressure from friends and family to do things a certain way. Wedding style blogs and Pinterest are great for inspiration but can also make a couple feel like every single detail of their day needs to be PERFECT. It makes me so sad when clients come into our studio completely stressed out and overwhelmed by wedding planning. The truth is, at the end of the day as long as you end up married to the person you love, your wedding is a great success. A beautiful party is a wonderful thing and great way to celebrate the start of a marriage, but keeping everything in perspective is important.

Name a few benefits of using a professional instead of DIYing it?
A professional stationer will help you with every aspect of your wedding day stationery - including etiquette for wording and addressing. These can be tricky areas to navigate on your own.
We use professional presses and high quality paper - good print quality and straight cuts are surprisingly difficult to achieve when you DIY.
Most of our invitation packages include full assembly and envelope stuffing. That means that everything arrives to you ready to mail saving you precious time and energy.
Name one of the highlights of your business?
I get to make beautiful things and help people celebrate the special moments in their lives - what is better than that?! I especially love when couples continue their relationship with Tulaloo long after their wedding. Creating the birth announcements for a former wedding client is a special treat!
Lastly, just tell a few fun things about you?  Like what is your favorite ice cream, flower and color! 
My husband always get chocolate ice cream, and I always pick the "weird" flavor. Buttered Popcorn was a recent choice! It was so strange, but in a really good way!
I love flowers and full, overflowing gardens, but I am a terrible gardener. We have a hydrangea bush that has bloomed beautiful blue flowers exactly once in the last 10 years.
Blue is my favorite color, especially the really rich shades. Our dining room is a deep ocean blue and it makes me so happy!
Jessica Creter

Owner/Designer ~ Tulaloo Stationery Studio

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