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We had the pleasure of talking with Megan, the mastermind and force behind The Wedding Embassy. We recently learned how amazing The Wedding Embassy was, and we were heartbroken how long it took us to learn that not only do they amazing gowns, a huge selection, but they cover bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom, flower girls and TUXEDOS. They even have seamstresses, which is a blessing. The best part is that we've had the pleasure of working with Megan and The Wedding Embassy on a few of our style shoots and they have so much to offer. One of style shoots was just published in The Connecticut Bride Spring/Summer 2014 magazine. As Engaged Connecticut, we feel that it is important to support great local companies that want to do business with you, offer a great service and LOVE their jobs. That love and dedication makes your experience all the better.
1: Why did you get started in the business? - I went to school for fashion design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As a kid I had always loved Barbie, dance costumes, and sparkles (!) so it was only a matter of time before my cooperate fashion job was supplemented with something more shine-y. I started making wedding dresses to fill a need; I made bridal gowns for artists who wanted unique styles at a reasonable price and for funky young Hassidic brides who needed to be covered but in a manner a Brooklyn hipster would adore. Long story short, opening a custom bridal shop in Brooklyn was not monetarily feasible but opening one in my home town was. With the support of my entrepreneurial family, my love and knowledge of clothing construction, lot of missteps and a ton of love I bought the Wedding Embassy in 2006. After nurturing the business for several years, we expanded into our current location in 2012 and now dress over hundreds brides, their ladies and groomsmen!
2: What is your favorite style of dress, mostly just for yourself? - Every bride's vision and body is different so really - I don't have true favorite... but I have to say, there's something about a natural waist ball-gown that really gets me. It's a dramatic but clean silhouette (the original fit and flare, thank you Dior!). It's timeless and can be styled so many ways...and really when can you wear such a thing if not your wedding day!?!?
3: What is the easiest part of your job? - Telling a bride she's beautiful. Every bride is, in their vision, in their way, on their day! Seeing a bride acknowledge her own beauty, however it's expressed, is always wonderful and reinforcing that is truly the easiest part of my job.
4: The hardest part? - Working as we do - on a schedule, based on a strict time line, over the course of year (or longer - or shorter yikes!) can make life very stressful. The hardest part of my job is keeping all the balls effortlessly up in the air... we do it, of course, and we try not to let our clients see us sweat! The balance is tricky and keeping our cool is essential to our brides keeping theirs!
5: What accessory can't you live without? - In my personal life? Tights! Which in my professional life translates to undergarments! So many brides today want to put on a dress and call it day; no bra, no corset, no girdle - but truly proper undergarments are real-life photoshop! They keep every bit tucked in, lifted, and smooth. And though some may not be happy with me for saying this, foundation garments are amazing! And earrings...a little glitter by your face (as the focus should be on the couple) draws the eye to the happy bride!

6: New client, what do they have to do to come to the shop? - New customers should take a peek at our website, see if the designers we carry appeal to their aesthetic, and then get in touch! It's best to call or email and make appointment to come shop with us. Making an appointment allows us to have a bridal consultant available to provide you with personalized service and attention. Though it might seem more appealing to simply pop in and browse, as shopping season gets busier setting up an appointment will actually provide you with a calmer more efficient shopping experience!
7: Craziest request? - Though we've had several...the one that strikes me at the moment is more of a horrible disaster. The request: Please drive 45 minutes to my wedding venue, two hours before my wedding, and fit a whole new gown for me...mine was destroyed by a sprinkler in my hotel room. Though there's been many requests for extravagant accessories, impossible alterations, and custom changes none were quite so impressive as that. And we did it! With only minutes to spare our very patience and grateful bride, threw on her newly fitted gown, snapped a few photos, and was whisked away to her ceremony! - 8. How do you feel about dresses with some color? - WE love color! It's your wedding day - wear what you love! Though our sample gowns are more traditional shades of Ivory, White, and Champagne - there's no harm in amping up your wedding day fashion with a bit of color! Enjoy!

9. Favorite guy accessory for a tux? - WE love a bow tie! Men's fashion has been walking a divergent path over the last several seasons...our WE customers have been asking for slim fit black tie tuxedos as regularly as they are looking for vests and rolled up sleeves - no matter the theme, barnyard chic or Gatsby elegance a bow tie adds just a little whimsy and a very classic way.
10: What do you love about when someone finds "the one" dress? - I love several things about finding "the one" but mainly I love that the bride really, in that moment, acknowledges herself as such. Whether our bride tries on dress number one and bursts into tears, or calls back three months later wanting to try-on the one she's been dreaming of, or simply can't believe the perfect mermaid gown she thought she loved turned into the huge tulle ball gown she really does love... No matter how our brides get there or what they end up wearing, in that moment they know their wedding is happening, their marriage becomes real, and they will be a beautiful bride! Their faces at that moment...the realization of it awesome!

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