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Reasons, Myths & Excuses Cinematographer Chapter

the Reasons, the Myths and the Excuses
Cinematographer Chapter

"At the end of your wedding day all your left with is your memories. Having a cinematic wedding film produced is an investment that will last forever." - Epic Filmmakers

the Reasons
  1. They will capture moments that you can never get back again.  
    • You will see your father walk you down the aisle
    • You will be able to hear your vows to each other.                                                   (Our all time favorite vows ever
    • A chance to see how your family and friends looked that day.
    • Life can be unpredictable & what a wonderful thing to see be able to look back to see friends & family who are no longer with us, enjoying your day. 
    • It is a wonderful chance to see how everyone spent the day getting ready for the big moment. 
    • Speeches, Laughter, Private Moments, Tears and the Joy of the day!  All things you don't want to miss. 
Dad's Speech Photograph by Epic Filmmakers
the Myths
  1. Don't worry, my friend has an Ipad and has agreed to film our ceremony and parts of the reception. 
    • The truth is that an Ipad or cellphone or even a camcorder quality won't be the same. 
    • A professional will make sure they pick up the right sounds, like your vows clearly and not all ambient noise.  They may even pick the moment, that your father tells you that you look beautiful while holding back tears.  
    • Friends & Family are wonderful and they should spend the day celebrating and not working for you. 
    • While there are great apps available to edit an Ipad or phone video isn't that easy.
the Excuses
  1. I didn't know they cost this much and I can't figure out why. 
    • The truth is that a great one may cost as much or more than your photographer.  They are providing a different service but just as memorable and important as a photographer.
    • They spend an entire day with you and then edit down your entire day into movie, that is not only entertaining but minus all the moments that aren't meaningful.  To edit a full day into a preview or a movie takes time and skill. You can just put together 8 or more hours worth of film into 6 minutes and hope it looks good. 
    • When you are realistic about the cost of certain vendors, you can budget for them more accordingly. 

There are pros and cons to all vendors.  The thing is that you as a couple need to ask yourselves is how do you want to remember one of the most important days of your lives. 

"Every EPIC love story makes it to the BIG SCREEN."

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