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A program for your program

We often have the debate, do we or don't we provide a program.  We love programs but we understand the pros and the cons to them.  We felt that we could just list a few talking points on the subject and hope that it is helpful to you.

Every Last Detail
photo by Larrisa
Cleveland Photography
Chalkboard all in One
  • It can be a  budget drain {of course ordering programs is going to take from your budget.  It is a given and if you have to have it, and they are important to you, then do create them}
  • There is always the question of how many to order.  One per person, one per couple.  We have found that you order 75% of how many guests are attending!  The last thing you want to have is a ton of leftovers.
  • How do I make sure everyone gets one?  {Have your wedding party hand them out, or place on every chair or maybe this idea from Every Last Detail and attach one to each chair.  They are cute and a tiny bit different.} 
  • There is always the option of creating ONE noticeable wedding program for everyone to view.  A chalkboard, or printed canvas might be the way to go.  
  • Going for the one program, make sure everyone can have easy access, that it will stand up indoors or outdoors with no issues and do your best to create it a few days before the wedding, if not a month prior.  This should be a #PDIY {Practical Do It Yourself Project} and just make sure you can make changes if you create it months prior. 
  • What do you add, lots of details or a tiny bit of details.  The choice is yours.  We do suggest that you add in the important things, like your names, the date, location and at least a simple deadline.  It is sweet to add in bridal party information, and parents. We also love a program with a personal touch, like how you met, or the proposal story. 
  • Have someone double check the spelling before you order them.  Simple and easy advice to ensuring perfect programs. 
  • You have options and one of the best things you can do for yourself, is leave one of the programs at home.  This way you don't have to worry about bringing one back home. 
  • Drink Station & Programs at an ESTOccasions Wedding. 
  • Make sure your guests have easy access to them.  Don't hide them. 
A program isn't a must but it is a nice bonus to the day.  If you can afford it, create just enough of them and then let it go.  Don't stress about anymore. 


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