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Photographs + Cocktail Hour

The idea of getting through all of your wedding formals during an hour long cocktail hour may seem daunting.

Things to consider to make this process move faster
Sassy Mouth Photography 
...A First Look:  Yes, we know, it isn't traditional.  We agree but it might be the perfect thing for thing for you.  It gives you a chance to not only do your personal photographs with your soon to be new half but it can also get many of the family and wedding party photographs out of the way. Leaving your wedding, a time to really celebrate with friends and family right from the start.  
  • Schedule: Schedule where and when everyone needs to be and make sure they know!  Get your wedding party shots done before hand, leaving the cocktail hour for family shots.  The people you intend to have photographed need to know before hand.  "Consider adding a note card into your welcome bags for you family members. It is a great way to personalize the bag and remind them they are needed. " says Estoccasions
  • Announcement : Have the officiant remind family members during the start of the ceremony, that if they are family, please remember to follow the wedding party for photographs.  Also have them ask to have other wedding guests refrain from following the wedding party & taking their own photographs.
  • Importance: Let your photographer know which photographs are the important ones to get. Having a discussion before hand about the must haves will be a life saver for you and them. Marisa from Sassy Mouth Photography says:  "Before the wedding day, tell all of the people you would like to have in your formal portraits that their presence will be required for photographs during the cocktail hour. If the photographer doesn't have to stop working to have people found, they will be able to breeze through the portraits. That create extra time for fun photographs, or allow you to go off to your party early." This has lead to a lot of success for her clients.

One last thing, make sure the catering company and the bar, provide you and your wedding party with drinks and food.  You shouldn't miss out on that even if you can't join the cocktail hour. 

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  1. That’s a great idea to organize cocktail party on your special day “wedding”. I must say that San Diego Wedding venues are perfect place for wedding and your cocktail hours. Have a good time on your cocktail party!


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