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When it comes to the wedding day, and the days leading up to it, the one thing you want to avoid is DRAMA.  No good has ever really come from it, but it seems like for some, it is hard to avoid it. If you know that there might be some drama brewing, the best thing to do is not tolerate it or encourage it. 

  • From the start, it is a great idea to let your family know that it won't be tolerated. That there are many more important things to focus on and why "Aunt Betty" and "Aunt Linda" still hate each other isn't an issue that needs to be addressed at your wedding.  
  • When it comes to your wedding party, they need to know the same thing right from the start.  That they are there to help, and not add to any of the stress. There will be plenty of things to worry about and stirring up old issues isn't going to be helpful. 
Sticking to the rule of no tolerance may be hard, and it is sad that you may always need to be the bigger person but you have to understand drama filled issues only take away from your day.   

Do you best to always:
  • Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really wanna waste time worrying about other peoples issue.
  • Delegate an awesome friend or planner to handle any issues on the day.
  • Remember, it is okay to ask a guest to leave if they really become a problem. 

The wonderful planners at Always and Forever Weddings said this when we asked them how to handle family drama on the big day: 
"The best way to handle drama is to remove yourself from it. Your wedding is about celebrating the start of a life-long commitment and should be a happy and stress-free time. Someone else's drama rarely has anything to do with you but has everything to do with them. Walk away, ignore it and if that doesn't diffuse the situation, send over your planner or your feisty maid of honor to handle it!" 

"Also we always like to know potential family issues that may arise during the planning phase or day-of; whether it be divorced parents cannot be in photos together or in one case we had a father if the bride who was a recovering alcoholic and everyone was both very nervous and proud of how far be had come. We helped to diffuse the situation during toasts by offering ginger ale in stead of champagne. The more your planner know the better we can assist during the drama/chaos that may arise"

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