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Day Drinking

The best things to drink on wedding day:

First off, start with good old H2O leading up the big day!   Especially the day before and the morning of.  Your skin will thank you, and your body will thank you.  Of course you can enjoy a sweet mimosa in the morning but remember to have a glass of water or a bottle about 2 hours before the "I do" moment.  

Choice Bar Services recommend to stick to one or two types of drinks you love on the big day. "When you start mixing the types of alcohol you consume, it may result in feeling ill sooner. Do yourself a favor and drink things you know and enjoy."   

We recommend that you even toast with things you love to drink instead of just settling for champagne if that isn't your thing.  We promise your toasts just a tiny bit more.  

Thank you to Pinterest for these cool drink photos! 


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