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A few years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Adriana, the owner, the founder and the mastermind behind The Beauty Bar. Her talent to make any woman shine, feel comfortable and look their best is priceless. From the everyday looks to the stunning wedding looks, her and her crew have you covered. The salon is located in Southington and on wedding day they will travel to you! We asked Adriana about her passion, her tips and her loves and hates in this business. Enjoy!!
When did you realize this was your passion?
When I was 12, I would spend my allowance on lip smackers and hair products and I would experiment new trends and updos on my friends.
What is your own best personal make up tip?
Drink TONS of H20 and Skin care is EVERYTHING! I love a fresh face makeup look. Fluffy lashes, lush lips, Glow-y skin. And a great contoured face. Its just timeless, relevant and yet beautiful. You NEVER want anyone to say "WOW her makeup looks beautiful" You want them to think " Wow! she looks beautiful she's glowing"
When brides come in for trials, what should they bring with them?
Pictures, pictures, pictures. AND if they dont have any idea what they want to do then a picture of their dress along with any inspiration boards are always a FAVE of mine. It gives me a sense of who they are. I also usually ask every bride how they do their own makeup daily. If they tell me they use a ton of mascara and eye liner then that tells me they like their eyes played up and it gives me a starting point.
Your favorite make-up product?
Lipgloss. Lush lips scream sexy.

What is one thing you wish women would stop doing make up wise or hair wise or both?
OH BOY! Where do I begin!?!? 
{ Makeup }
  • Liquid liner should NEVER, EVER go on the bottom lash line.
  • A red lip and yellow teeth should never meet.
  • A dark lipliner and light lip stick should never happen, EVER. It came and went in the 90's and will NEVER make a comeback.
  • A black smokey eye with a bright red lip really shouldn't be put together. Its too much to look at and people dont know where to look first.
{ Hair }
  • If you don't have curly hair please don't attempt to scrunch it with gel/mouse/hairspray ... its not curly. Now it just looks wet all day.
  • Use professional shampoo & conditioner when you get your hair professionally colored. And buy from only professional salons. If you spend $200 for an amazing color application and then use Pantene at home your defeating the purpose. Its like washing your silk dress in TIDE.
  • Even if you hair is fine, still use conditioner. You don't want thirsty hair.
Is there a shade of color your hair hasn't been?
Black, green, blue.
Do you miss your brides after the wedding date?
Yes! I love when I hear from them and when I get to play a part in baby bump shoots, a family shoots etc. I feel like a huge part in their lives after their big day.

What is your favorite thing to do on wedding day?
That moment when the bride looks at herself in the mirror after hair and makeup is complete and her dress is on I like to look at her mother .. because that face tells it all! And of course the {WINK} I get from the photog after they take their few pics and look at them. It means I did my job right.
Air brushing, why you love it?
Full coverage with a light weight feel. Its a veil of full coverage foundation. You can blush naturally right through it. And not ONE MOLECULE of makeup moves. and of course its water resistant
Favorite shade of lipstick?
Daily: HUE- MAC
Bold Pink: Girl about town- MAC
Bold Red: Russian Red - MAC
Fall Color: Heroine - MAC
Favorite shade of eye shadow?
MY NEW FAVE! Stila - Kitten! You'll thank me later!
The one thing all women should do before leaving the house??
Mascara it up ladies! And sashay out that door.

Kisses, Love & Stilettos!
The Beauty Bar


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