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 We love pretty nails.  When it comes to a wedding a bride should really consider getting her nails done a few days prior to the wedding day.  Usually there is so much to do that week of the wedding and taking a moment, a break and pampering yourself is the right thing to do. Do not try to get them done on wedding day, there is just too much to do that day.   . . If she is getting a 

spray tan then it is 

best to get it done before the spray tan..if 

not two days before. Many wait until the day before but it 

can be hectic."

~ Crystal Vazquez & Co

 Add a little sparkle but remember to be careful, this style of nails is a bit more delicate than your average color.  Just saying!
 Love these names... OPI is awesome!  Also a great idea, is if you have a wedding color that you love, pick up the nail polish that matches.  It is a great gift to give your family and friends who are taking part in the wedding.  This way they have your wedding colors in bottle and can refer to it if needed. 
Love a cute touch!!!!    Have fun with your nails, just remember to have fun a few days prior to the big day!!!  


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