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24 or 48 HOURS

                     Recently the question was asked:

 "what is the appropriate amount of time for a company to respond to an inquiry?" 

From CR Socials
This is a tough question, because as wedding professionals, we know that during wedding season it can be harder to respond as quickly as we would like.   We also know that couples that are planning, are looking for answers and they are looking for answers usually from more than one company in the beginning.   

"I respond to all client emails and phone calls within one business day. Wedding and party planning can be stressful and part of my job is to ease that stress and make the planning process enjoyable. Our clients know that they can count on Tulaloo to be there for them and make sure their needs are met in a timely fashion." says Tulaloo owner!

We talked to Engaged Connecticut members, other wedding professionals, and our friends on Facebook and they basically all agreed that between 24 hours to 48 hours should be the norm.  

Now if you are just starting planning, consider the "typical" wedding season is from May to October and if you contact a company on the weekend, it may take a little longer to get a response. It is a great idea to be aware of the companies hours, and then send them an email. If you contact them on a day that they are closed, you may need to give them an extra day to get back to you.  If you planning on giving them a call, make sure you leave them a message if no one answers. If it is the second time you are reaching out to them, let them know that. 

"We like to respond within 24 hours for all inquiries and emails that come in." says Epic Filmmakers owner.

The Wedding Embassy
When you sit down to talk with a company, ask them what their normal response time is once you have booked with them.  Also remember to let them know what is the best way to contact you !    
We feel that no matter how large or small a business is, a good response time is important. Just because a company responds quickly, it doesn't mean they aren't busy, it means that they understand the needs of their customers.  

"I say my goal is within 24 hours" says Eric Brushett Photography owner.

Happy Planning!!!  <3


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