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One of my least favorite things for our grooms is....the pocket square.  We have personally
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folded more than we can count and watched entire wedding parties struggle with them. 

The best man folds it one way and then the groom a different way and there is always the one guy who mostly just shoves the fabric into his pocket and calls it a day. Though now, we are finding a new love for the square. 

Of course when it comes to the handsome little ring bearers, the rental companies send along adult size squares and it just isn't going to happen.   Megan Dumaine from The Wedding Embassy admits that she has to cut them to size to make them work.  When most of us think of the square, we think of the satin type material but "they come in any fabric...personally I like printed cotton the best, looks fun, folds great! We can make them out of almost anything" says Dumaine.  Remember you can order your tuxes and suits at The Wedding Embassy. 

Recently we came across, a vintage wear site for men and feel in love.  The detailed shots of pocket squares has given us hope for the upcoming 2014 wedding season.  Be inspired to find a look that works for you, and your look.  Try out a few different looks and either prep them all in advance or send along directions to all of the groomsmen. has directions that are easy and simple to use. Plus there are plenty of step by step videos to guide your through the steps.  If you can't seem to pull off the look you want, then check in with the experts like The Wedding Embassy. 
Also remember, the square doesn't have to match the tie or vest, have some fun with looks and look for our blog on that soon!  

Remember once you master the look you want, don't forget to share with us.  Find us on facebook or tag us @engagedct in your instagram. 


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